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Apply Gel Extensions Like Never Before With This Exclusive Hands Free Lamp Created Specifically For DIY Gel Extensions Applications. (US Plug Only)

NOTICE: Our UV LED flash cure lamps are tested against defects prior to shipping. They are rated to last 20,000 hours and are only meant to be used in 10- 20 second intervals. They are NOT meant to be left on for longer extended periods of time as this will damage them. This can easily be determined upon inspection. The UV Spectrum engineered into our lights are almost invisible to the naked eye. The blue or purple color you see is because of a gas that is added for visual and has no bearing on the effectiveness of our lamps. Over time this gas may dissipate and the emitted light may be visually dimmer but the lamp is still very functional  - This has been proven and tested. If you seek to return the lamp and upon inspection, it is determined that the light is still optimal, we will not issue a new lamp and will charge you the return shipping cost. A lens has also been added to the lamps as a dust shield/added protection for shipping. It is not permanently affixed and may move around during shipping - this is not damaged and can easily be re-affixed.

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